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1955 – 2020

All Access Studios 24 Hour Music Production Studio Lockouts
North Hollywood, California
* Located in the NOHO Arts District *

Off of Vineland and Chandler Blvd. across from Mates Studios – right next to the Chandler Walk/Bike Path – just 5 minutes down Cahuenga to Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Burbank Media Center, CBS Radford Lot, Ventura Blvd, etc.
(Front portion of the building is All Access Studios tenant
Friedman Amplification / Tone Merchants);
Also check out Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Any studio availability will be empty, clean and move in ready for your gear upon arrival.
Create Your Own Vibe.

Thank you for checking out All Access Studios. A multi-purpose, music production studio lockout facility. Mainly for the growing segment “work out of the box” self contained individual creating and conducting business in relation to Film/TV Scoring, sound editing, recording session work, producing, singer-songwriter, composing, pre-production writing, arranging, jingles, post-production, podcasting and all media-related ventures, etc. (Sorry, no bands). Remember you will always have 24hr access to your studio, with your own key for entry.

This is a vibrant area with almost unlimited resources all close by, in an industry with a rapidly growing high demand for these kind of particular studios.

A month-to-month only facility (no hourly bookings).
A minimum 6-month lease term is required, though a 1-year lease term is the preferred option.

No drugs, including marijuana, or alcohol are allowed on premises.
Not a hangout-party pad facility.

Please browse and carefully read the website regarding All Access Studios prospective tenant policy information and to learn more about the facilities. After you have read the site’s information and feel you and the studio are the right fit for each other, then please proceed and read carefully for any potential studio availability information and contact process further down this homepage.

Only 7 production related uses studios, plus an approx. 10×9 drum/production room with a cut away storage area.
Studio sizes range from approx. 16×10 (160 sq. ft.) to approx. 22×19 (416 sq. ft.). All other studios are mid-size rooms ranging from approx. 230 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft.

  • The studio rooms feature well-regarded Grade A soundproofing, consisting of 12″ double walls. Each double wall includes 8 layers of soundproofing materials – 4 on each side – 2 1-inch thick sheetrock, soundboard, roxul insulation with in-between added space to minimize the travel path of sound. Most studios are end units by layout of design, along with the previously mentioned soundproofing specs of buildout, however the buildout in-between the middle adjacent studio rooms is replicated on both sides of another double wall, resulting in approximately 36″ of soundproofing materials for an actual total of 16 layers for 2 double walls between adjacent studio rooms. Also, solid double doors were installed to minimize sound bleed.
  • NEW! All brand-new DAIKIN AC/Heat split system upgrade (installed January 2024). Each studio now has its own brand-new individual AC and Heat split unit system in their studio with 100% full control of system settings preferences at any time via remote control.
  • NEW! Installed the latest and just released (June, 2024) technological advanced Reolink POE Security Surveillance Camera System (Reolink CX810 and RLC-823S1), with the latest recording, real-time alert, and monitoring setup capabilities. Cameras face entire premises and street all the way to Chandler Blvd. FYI there is a total of 11 security cameras from neighboring next-door and across the street businesses, also facing this facility, street and cameras mounted on both the east and west directions of Chandler Blvd. There is a mechanical-key code entry lock welded into the driveway entry gate and also a mechanical-key code entry lock for the facility entry door, welded into the industrial solid steel front door. Also, for reference see the 3 night pics in the studio gallery page for how bright the area is.
  • A hardwired Ethernet wall data input jack in each studio for high-speed internet connection.
  • WiFi – NEW! Redesigned WiFi system (installed January 2024). Each individual studio now has its own secure Ethernet WiFi router.
    No more sharing of WiFi!
  • Selective clientele – A mature, responsible, respectful, professional minded prospective tenant with a stable income is only considered. Credit check required.
  • Prime, convenient, safe location. Most of the tenants have been here for many years
    (12, 13, 14 plus years and counting), including our female tenants who are all outstanding and immensely talented musicians-artists. (Updated 2024)
  • Single owner/operator is present most days.
  • Clean facilities – bathroom cleaned DAILY.
  • Tenant cannot share-split their studio with anyone else (just never works out). The studios are each occupied by a single individual tenant, although a studio tenant can collaborate anytime with another individual or 2 who is affiliated in good standing with said current tenant.
  • Studios can be Dolby Atmos compatible.
  • Ample power for each studio.
  • All Access Studios pays all utilities.

The Studio Facilities

Most of the tenants here do in-town recording sessions who are A-list producer, arranger, recording musicians who work with and collaborate with many of todays major artists and who primarily compose tv/film scores who work on many top rated tv programming dramas, talent and reality shows, music editing for apple tv, sound editing, sports related music programming, music awards shows, academy awards, etc., and they value the comfort of knowing that their studio space will always be available for them at anytime 24 hours 7 days a week, especially when deadlines need to be met.

These studios serve as a legitimate conducive working environment to create and to conduct business for the multi faceted stable individual working their craft that has a solid reputation and who is prospering in this medium.

* Please Read *

There is no studio availability at this time, but please check back often throughout the month as studio openings will be posted on this website with a pop-up ad on this homepage.

Even if I’m fully booked, I check and listen to every single voice message and save all numbers of interested individuals for future reference. Please call anytime and leave a message with your call back number stating your potential interest of a studio you desire and once an opening is confirmed and the availability ad is posted, I will then call back prospective tenants to see if there is still interest and to set up, by appointment only, for showing of the facility. Sorry, no email correspondence.

For inquiries and questions please call (818) 769-7529.

Please see more information about the studio in the About page.

Tenants Testimonials

I have been looking for a space like this for MONTHS! It’s incredibly rare to find a place that has such a welcoming, hospitable, professional and genuine vibe as Darren the owner has brought to this environment.
Madeline S., from Yelp
This studio is clean, professional and so so safe. It’s also kind of a rocker chick haven. I like being surrounded by fellow female musicians. I feel creative here and empowered. A lot of female drummers. 🙂 I couldn’t be happier here and I plan to stay for a very long time.
Jack G., from Yelp
Darren is truly a saint. Kind, smart, warm-hearted, generous, responsible, and a great manager who loves his building. You would be very lucky to have a studio here. Having a manager who really cares is a blessing that any musician in LA ought to be grateful to receive — and I certainly am. Thank you, Darren! And thank you, All Access Studios!
Alexander R., from Google