About the Studio

All Access Studios started in June 2009. I’m the owner, Darren, born in Burbank, raised and still live in Studio City (Walter Reed Jr. High 83-85), same school older brother went and my parents back in the early 1950’s. I don’t do any social media, but thought it would be proper to tell you a little about this creative sanctuary on this site and also for familiarity reasons. I refused to build the studios at any other location except to be in the NOHO district, bordering on the Burbank, Toluca Lake and Studio City surrounding areas. Just google “NOHO Arts District” related sites for information about the area. This is the most prime location to be involved and do business in, even more so than in much of Hollywood and the surrounding areas, for many reasons (like in regards to traffic and congestion), including entertainment/music related businesses that have been rooted here for generations plus exciting new film and music related businesses that are all in proximity to one another with many directly and indirectly having some kind of involvement to major film (Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Disney, etc.) to music related enterprises, with many legendary recording studios, etc… who are all within a few miles radius of the NoHo District.

Knowing Los Angeles and specifically the NOHO area, and the value of being in this particular location, there’s no other place I would be than to be off of Chandler Blvd. in a vibrant area with almost unlimited resources all close by, in an industry with a rapidly growing high demand for these kind of particular studios. Being in a studio of this kind also gives you major credibility amongst your associates and peers in the industry as you pursue your endeavor. Here, you have a legitimate place of business to create and to conduct business.

I am extremely grateful and I appreciate beyond words to all my tenants who are not just great tenants but also some of the most kind hearted and considerate people that I know who respect their financial responsibilities and are most respectful to the studio facilities who take care of it with great care. I’ve never had any issues with any of my tenants whatsoever. Never a complaint for all these years. I’ve gotten to know them quite well. Amazing.

I get calls almost on a daily basis from people interested for these production studios, which I’m so grateful for, and in selecting the right tenant(s), there will never be any nefarious activities going on at the facilities, because of the process of choosing a prospective tenant, having multiple conversations-meetings, in that I look for high character people, and how much people yearn for that conducive environment, and I’m taken aback to how many people constantly convey to me how much they so appreciate that about my place, that it’s run more like a creative-business environment and doesn’t moonlight into a party-like atmosphere hangout, and that reflects this true labor of love of mine.

Enjoy the journey and thank you for your interest!

Updated 2023.