(Most pictures recently updated 2023).
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  • Only 7 production related uses studios, plus an approx. 10×9 drum/production room with a cut away storage area.
  • Well regarded soundproofing 12″ double walls with 8 layers of soundproofing construction and acoustical materials with double doors for minimization of sound bleed.
  • Studio sizes range from approx. 16×10 (160 sq. ft.) to approx. 22×19 (416 sq. ft.). All other studios are mid-size rooms ranging from approx. 230 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft.
  • Selective clientele – A mature, responsible, respectful, professional minded prospective tenant with a stable income is only considered. Credit check required.
  • Prime, convenient, safe location. Most of the tenants have been here for many years
    (11, 12, 13 plus years and counting), including our female tenants who are all outstanding and immensely talented musicians-artists.
  • Single owner/operator is present most days.
  • Clean facilities – bathroom cleaned daily.
  • Individual A/C unit in each studio.
  • An Ethernet wall data input jack in each studio for high-speed internet connection.
  • WiFi – each individual studio has its own secure Ethernet WiFi router-no sharing of WiFi!
  • No tenant sharing of studios (just never works out). The studios are each occupied by a single individual, although a studio tenant is allowed to collaborate with one other individual who is affiliated in good standing with said current tenant.
  • Studios are empty “as is”, no gear provided. (Updated 2023)