Check website periodically for studio availability postings. Please read contact information process on the homepage.

Office: (818) 769-7529

I don’t do e-mail correspondence when inquiring about interest at this facility, as verbal communication and in-person introductions are the most important part of the initial process for potential tenancy.

Sorry, there is no contact form available on this website.

Due to the growing high demand of people wanting to be in this thriving popular entertainment district – wide market, the value of these studio lockouts have become increasingly more significant, especially this location where the cost of doing business is higher than most of the surrounding areas, thus when on occasion interested multiple individuals offer to pay more in rent than from my original quote when an availability occurs, as I’m so appreciative by anyone’s desire to be here, I will always honor the fair market value of my original quote for the ensuing year.

Again, thank you for your interest!