The advantages for a studio lockout storage space is that these rooms could be used specifically for high-end, collectible gear storage for guitars, amps, cabs, drums, recording equipment, etc…. and the rooms would be more secured than a standard enclosed locker space in a multilevel warehouse-like setting.

While other optimal storage-like facilities can suit your needs, with access generally during regular business hours, here, you would have 24hr, 7 days a week access with your own lock and key in a secured environment.

But the coolest factor is that since these rooms were built for live rehearsal playing, you can plug in and use your gear anytime you desire to play any one of your fine collection of instruments and gear.

Once in a while I get calls from people who desire this type of facility for their “boutique toys”, so I will now notify prospective tenants who inquire specifically about room storage availability, that wishes to be notified if a room becomes available in the future.

Thank you!